With the rise in the number of employees teleworking as a result of the pandemic, computer data security has become a major issue for many companies. This new reality of remote access to the office computer network increases the risks of intrusion and theft or loss of sensitive information for your organization. That’s why choosing a data backup solution shouldn’t be taken lightly!

Every company is exposed to data loss. Employees who are forced to work remotely connect to the server from home, using personal computers and WI-FI with varying levels of security. By taking effective backup measures, you can protect not only your company’s data, but also that of your customers.

The cloud solution

There are various ways of backing up your information securely to prevent data leakage or loss. Cloud security offers a higher level of security, enabling companies to better protect their confidential information. It guarantees the confidentiality, security and compliance of all data stored in the cloud.

What are the benefits?

By opting for a secure cloud solution, your business-critical data will remain accessible in the event of cyber-attack, theft, virus, disaster, human error or computer failure. In short, your business-critical information will be protected, and your employees can continue to work efficiently, even remotely.

Choose your supplier carefully

However, it’s important to choose your cloud backup solution provider carefully. Not all cloud providers offer the same level of Internet security. Typically, they are responsible for securing your infrastructure, as well as protecting your data and applications involved in the cloud. As private modem connections and personal web access are more or less secure, these are factors not to be neglected if your employees work from home.

If the private security of your employees’ WI-FI is inadequate or flawed, your company could be the target of intrusion by cyber hackers, in addition to falling victim to malicious downloads of your data. By choosing a reliable provider, you won’t have to worry about backing up your data.

Make your employees aware

Taking the time to educate yourself and your employees about security risks is essential to protecting your business before data is compromised or lost. Also make sure that your IT security policy is rigorously updated and adhered to by your team members. Don’t forget that most data leaks or losses originate unintentionally within your company, often due to internal mishandling!

Cyber impact offers you its expertise in strengthening your protection and securing your data, with cloud backup solutions tailored to your needs.