Companies that don’t have an in-house IT service manager must call in an outside firm. The latter is responsible for ensuring that IT services are provided, improved and changes managed. But how do you choose a good supplier capable of delivering optimally managed IT services?

Contract duration

The length of the contract offered by an IT service provider is indicative of its policy. Companies offering a commitment over a few months are certain of the quality of their services, unlike those offering multi-year contracts which lock in the customer.

Direct remote assistance

A company’s IT tools must be operational at all times. An organization can’t afford to have employees tied up in their work because they have an IT problem outside their supplier’s help desk opening hours, or because their supplier isn’t responding because he’s swamped.

A good IT services company has a team of technicians able to respond immediately to the customer, and an emergency service able to help customers by telephone at any time.

A team of specialists must also be on call at all times to deal immediately with network problems and guarantee customers the continued availability of their infrastructure.

A Microsoft Gold Partner supplier

Microsoft Gold Partners are recognized as the most competent specialists in Microsoft technologies, and choosing a Microsoft Gold Partner supplier is a guarantee of quality.

Designated managers

A good IT service provider deploys an onboarding and integration team to ensure a successful initial transition to managed IT services: technicians explain how the start-up process works to the customer, and reduce transition times by making the procedure as simple as possible.

An account manager and technical advisor are then assigned to provide personalized service. Regular meetings are organized with the customer to keep abreast of the company’s needs and to help the solution evolve. Short- and long-term IT environment objectives are set.

A project manager is also assigned to each new project: he or she manages the entire process, keeping the customer informed and on schedule and on budget.

A multi-year strategic IT plan

A three-year strategic IT plan makes it possible to establish a budget and offer quality services tailored to the company’s needs, while leaving room for evolution. It also includes a disaster recovery plan.

A team of experts

IT service management can’t be improvised: it requires experience, and only companies that have been in business for years, even decades, and are certified by leading software suppliers, have the expertise in this field. Competent in both hardware and software, they offer a complete range of services, enabling managers and their staff to concentrate on the company’s core business.

Thanks to the managed IT services provider’s proactive approach, performance is maximized and problems are detected and resolved before they occur. Appropriate monitoring tools are put in place to increase infrastructure efficiency, saving time and money.

With a good managed IT services provider at their side, managers can enjoy peace of mind and focus on developing their business.