About us

We are an IT security consulting firm. We offer a personalized service to help companies protect themselves against cyberthreats or enhance their security posture.

Our Mission and Values

Supporting our customers’ digital transformation or growth through IT security services and consulting

The human

At cyberimpact, people are at the heart of our concerns. Our employees feel valued, committed and motivated, which leads to increased productivity for the benefit of our customers.

the growth

Faced with the rise in cyber attacks, our commitment to our customers is to guarantee the security of more than 99% of their IT infrastructure.

the collaboration

We value the teamwork between you and our staff, which is why your opinions are taken into account to achieve a common goal.

Why choose CyberImpact?

Find out why hundreds of organizations trust us with their annual cybersecurity needs.


Experienced team

Thanks to our talented team, we’ve mastered the art of keeping hackers at bay and your sensitive data safely locked away. The in-depth knowledge we have acquired in the best cybersecurity schools enables us to effectively combat the threats that lurk in the virtual world.


This means treating all potential risks in the same way, and giving them the same level of attention and scrutiny.

No subcontracting

We don’t leave your project in the hands of incompetents: our team of experts understands our specific needs and can react swiftly in the event of a security breach.

Cybersecurity Solutions by Industry

Discover our world-class services tailored to the unique challenges of your industry:

Compliance audit

These audits assess your organization’s compliance with regulatory standards, industry best practices and internal policies to ensure the security of your information system.

Safety report

This is a comprehensive assessment of your network, applications and devices to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Project support

We can work with your team on any cybersecurity-related project. Thanks to our proven expertise, we can put the best security practices at your disposal

IT Security Awareness

It’s important to be aware of hacking techniques, such as phishing e-mails or fake websites, which can trick you into giving out personal information. Our tips will help you stay vigilant.

IT Security Training

Our training courses give you the skills and awareness you need to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in cyberspace. Join the fight against cybercrime!

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Not sure where to start with IT security for your business? Do you have an idea for implementing a technology solution and are concerned about information security? Would you like to know your level of compliance with an IT security standard? Do you need security training or awareness? Or do you simply have a question?

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